Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Crumbs - NYC

Grand Central Station!

I decided to grab breakfast on my way to my favourite store - Uniqlo
Another day, another cupcake shop! 
I get the New York fascination with cupcakes now and I can't wait to try another one.

O.M.G. cupcakes galore and in so many varieties!

I decided on a tropical green iced tea and a key lime cupcake. The lady behind the counter gave me the option for an iced tea or a hot tea which I thought was kinda nice. The tea was ok...but I was really in it for the cupcake:

This was a vanilla cake frosted with a key lime cream cheese and decorated with white sprinkles. Huge!
The icing was nice, not as tangy as I expected in a key lime cupcake. 
The cake inside was super crumbly (evident of a cupcake sitting too long on the shelf). I was rather disappointed about how this turned out. I didn't really like the extra injection of vanilla cream in the middle either. 

Overall: They have a lot of different varieties available at all times and their cupcakes are big! However, I think this was probably my least favourite cupcake shop out of all the ones I tried in New York City. 

Website: http://www.crumbs.com/
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