Friday, 18 May 2012

Macaron Cafe - NYC

After exploring the MET, I met up with my friend at 5th Avenue and 59th St.
While wandering around the area, we found the Macaron Cafe! 

It was a little bit of Paris in New York - so of course I had to try some macarons!

I bought a box of 6 for $14
Left to right: passionfruit, chocolate almond, chocolate passionfruit, apricot, pistachio and crème brûlée
Passionfruit: the macaron was nice and chewy. It was also quite sweet and difficult to cut up into smaller pieces (I was trying to share with my friends). The passionfruit jam inside was very sweet and a little tangy - they definitely got the flavour right!
Chocolate almond: There was a hint of almond paste in the ganache and overall, it was a well-done macaron! Magnifique!
Chocolate passionfruit: I liked the blend of flavours since the chocolate helps to mellow out the strong flavour of the passionfruit (it's very similar to the Mogador macaron by Pierre Hermes). 
Apricot: Very lightly flavoured and after all the strong flavours of everything else, it just didn't match up. The jelly was chewier and it shifted the foot of the macaron when I took a bite. All in all, I didn't enjoy this one as much as some of the others.
Pistachio: Great flavour! The buttercream was a little too oozy but it was still really good. I found that the foot was harder and slightly more chewy than the rest of the macarons I bought. 
Crème brûlée: My favourite here! It was different, original and very yummy! I loved that they took a unique spin on the macaron - it was refreshing and it definitely reminded me of creme brulee. 

Overall: The macarons here are great! The texture is perfect - it looks crispy outside (but it isn't) and it's chewy and moist rather than delicate and crumbly. Definitely reminds me of Parisian macarons - Delicious!


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