Friday, 18 May 2012

Momofuku Noodle Bar - NYC

Here we go again - I'm eating at the original Momofuku: 
Noodle Bar!

The menu
The wait wasn't too might have been because we were grabbing dinner at 11pm and yet it was still so packed!

Wagyu Beef Tartare
 I'm usually not a fan of beef tartare, but this was good! There was some spiciness in the tartare but it wasn't overwhelming for me. The pancake and peas, seasame, olives and beef mix went nicely together. 


Pork Buns!
Momofuku just wouldn't be the same without pork buns! These were delicious as usual - but I found that the meat was fattier here than at Ssam Bar...

Roasted onion noodles with smoked chicken, yuzu and chives
We decided to try the special of the day - roasted onion noodles. 
When we ordered it, I was expecting ramen noodles in broth - but there wasn't any broth! The noodles weren't too dry, but it was harder to pull them apart to eat them. I found that there were too many flavours in the noodle bowl: the noodles were sweet, the pickled onions were slightly bitter and tangy and the chicken was salty (relative to the rest of the dish) - it just didn't work cohesively together. Overall, it was ok though. The chicken was delicious from what I could tell (it was harder to tell when we mixed the noodles and the ingredients on top because then it just looked like chicken scraps and roasted chicken skin).

Momofuku ramen!
I love narutomaki (fish cake with a pink swirl). It serves two purposes - (1) it's cute and aesthetically pleasing and (2) it's yummy in ramen. It just reminds me of Japan...
The bowl was ok - I wasn't particularly impressed. The broth wasn't that great and it tasted very soy sauce heavy and salty (maybe because of the salty cabbage). The pork and chives were good. Momofuku is really good at preparing meat dishes! Mmmm chicken, pork belly and duck...

Overall: The pork buns are amazing! The food is okay, prices are kinda expensive and the service is pretty quick. I think if you want to be wow-ed by a Momofuku restaurant - you should go to Ssam Bar. 

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