Monday, 21 May 2012

PDT (Please Don't Tell) - NYC

Please Don't Tell is an informal speakeasy located in a "secret location" in East Village. 
Speakeasies came about in the 1920s during U.S. Prohibition, a period where the production, transportation and consumption were all banned. They were hidden bars and clubs which illegally sold alcohol. The appeal of them was the secrecy and exclusivity to get into a speakeasy. 
To get into PDT, we had to start calling at 3pm to make a reservation since they only take same day reservations. 
Inside Crif Dogs, there's a telephone booth were you dial "1" to call in with your reservation to get to the bar  behind the telephone booth. 

I forgot the name of my friend's drink on the far left (it's lemony and it was ok - very strong though).
My drink in the middle is the Shark and the drink on the right is a customized non-alcoholic passionfruit drink (which was $5!!) for my friend. 
The Shark was really tasty and smooth - it was also really potent. I felt like this was the ideal drink for a hot day on the beach (but alas, I was sitting in a hidden and dim bar on a rainy night in New York City)

Overall: The atmosphere inside is cozy and intimate - a great place to converse with friends and enjoy the cocktails and hot dogs. I really enjoyed the whole experience. 

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