Friday, 4 May 2012


The Napkin - cute eh?

Bruschetta! Very nice - a light appetizer to start. 
There was a ton of tomatoes and some light olive oil drizzled on top.

Caesar Salad
It was ok - I liked the grape tomatoes in the salad. 
Prosciutto, grana padano cheese and green and black olives. 
The prosciutto and cheese were delicious! The bread was bland and dry so I avoided eating the prosciutto and cheese with it. I'm also not a fan of olives (neither was the rest of my table, so we left them untouched). 

Roka Cabana Salad
with arugula, diced tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, yellow peppers, pistachios and pomegranate vinaigrette.  
It was an interesting salad - there were a ton of elements to the salad. 
The dressing was sweet and tangy but with the arugula, tomatos and mozzarella, I thought it didn't really work well together.

Gnocchi 4 formaggi
The four cheese gnocchi was absolutely delicious! The sauce was drool worthy. This is one dish I'd come back for; beware though, the cream sauce makes it super heavy (so be prepared for extreme lethargy after you eat it, but it's so worth it).

Gnocchi Pompei
In comparison to the four cheese gnocchi, this gnocchi with tomato sauce paled in comparison. The gnocchi tasted rather bland and doughy.

Salsiccia e funghi
Mozzarella, Italian sausage and mushrooms
We were surprised by how thin the crust was - it was amazing that it was able to hold the weight of the ingredients without breaking. This pizza was pretty good.

Mozzarella and basil
Relatively simple pizza, but I thought it tasted kind of bland. (There was also too much crust - not enough sauce and cheese)

This is a whole new definition of "thin crust"

Really nicely done! I loved all the mascarpone cheese and the ladyfingers were really nice! It was soft and moist and really big.

Panna Cotta
The panna cotta was quite good - I'm usually not a fan of jello or jello-like desserts and I actually liked this one. 

Overall: The restaurant decor was really neat, the service was quite fast and I thought the food was okay (the gnocchi was really good and the pizza here redefined "thin crust" for me). 

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