Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rize Coffee - NYC

Yankee Stadium! 

On our way to Grand Central Station to catch the Yankees Game, we decided to grab coffee and breakfast at Rize Coffee.
The Menu board

I got this huge chocolate croissant for $4. 
My wallet went "ouch"...and I was totally disappointed because this wasn't an amazing croissant or anything - it was relatively simple: flaky and not too buttery. 
I also got a Rize Classic Juice $6 made with apple, pear and carrot. They used the real fruit and blended it all together. I thought the raw carrot flavour was kinda overpowering and the drink had the sandy texture of the pears and carrot. Very simple - and pricey. 

Overall: Rize Coffee had good reviews on Yelp, but I wasn't impressed: (1) the girl behind the counter forgot my order and (2) the mediocre chocolate croissant and juice were overpriced.
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