Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) - NYC

The famous Shake Shack!
and the ridiculously long line...
The first thing we saw when we entered the park was the huge line up. I thought it might have been a carnival or ticket booth or something - Nope! It's just the ordering line at Shake Shack. (Although there is a B line for beer and drinks)
(Photos courtesy of N.K.)

Surprisingly, the line moves relatively fast (considering how many people were in line) and we got to order after1/2 hour of waiting. It also helped that a Shake Shack employee was also giving out samples of their frozen custard to all the impatient people waiting in line (excellent way of keeping impatient customers happy and marketing at the same time)

The burgers were tinier than I expected - but they were super juicy and packed with flavour!
I also loved their Shake Shack sauce; I thought there was a little mayo, ketchup and maybe some pickles? Whatever's in it made it tangy and delicious. 
The Shake Shack burger works as a perfect snack and you might need a couple more burgers for a meal  (unless you're dieting and working on portion control in which case this is perfect). 
The one downside was that the lettuce wasn't super crispy and fresh. Overall - it was still fantastic and such a great price! 

The other item on the left is the Shake Attack Concrete which is made with their chocolate frozen custard which is soft serve ice cream with a richer taste. There were also dark chocolate chunks and chocolate sprinkles = Chocolate Brain Freeze!

Overall: Shake Shack is amazing! They keep it simple with great food, reasonable prices and [relatively] quick service. The burgers are fantastic and they definitely live up to the hype! You've got to try one here at the original location - it's the perfect getaway lunch or afternoon snack! You're sitting in the park with your deliciously juicy burger and you can just relax and catch some rays before you have to trudge back to wherever you were going - a great break. 
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