Saturday, 22 September 2012

Le Moulin de Provence - Ottawa

My friend gave us a local tour of Ottawa and pointed out some local attractions, but the highlight was definitely the charming Byward Market:
We stopped by a popular tourist site: Le Moulin de Provence made famous as the "Obama Bakery". 
It's overwhelming how many pictures of Obama are in the bakery. 
The Obama Cookies
(There's even a collectible tin with Obama's picture in the Bakery)
Knowing me, I was more interested in their cakes and boy do they have a lot of cake!
I decided not to gorge myself sick with dessert before dinner so I opted for two desserts. 

Mousse Pistache-chocolat 
I loved the pistachio mousse and it made me even happier that there was so much of it! It had a strong pistachio flavour and there was enough of it to overcome the heavier and richer chocolate mousse. 

Tarte poire amande avec chocolat 
In comparison to the Clafouti tarts, I found that the shell was too soft and super crumbly. The chocolate was a welcome surprise inside:
However, I found that it overpowered the pear flavour and almond paste. 

Overall: I was pretty happy with the cakes and tarts at Le Moulin de Provence, even if I was overwhelmed by all the Obama memorabilia. Everything is so reasonably priced (compared to Toronto) - the cakes and tarts were all under $4 (vs. the $5-$6 in Toronto). 

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