Friday, 7 September 2012

Spring Sushi

A new All-You-Can-Eat Sushi buffet place opened up near the Cineplex Theatres at 10 Dundas East.

Pretty packed inside the spacious restaurant

The menu is on a "Lillipad" aka IPad. This made the experience really fun because you can interactively explore and select items, place your orders and keep track of the orders.  

Las Vegas Roll, Spicy Salmon roll, Crispy Beancurd Avocado roll, Cucumber and Avocado roll, Fried Mixed Vegetable
The Las Vegas Roll was crispy fried roll with assorted sashimi, cream cheese, avocado and crab meat. It was a large sushi roll (not as big as Sushi Bong), and the ingredients all worked well together. The fried outside was different and it just tasted so good.
Another pleasant surprise was the crispy bean curd avocado roll. It was so good. The bean curd was crispy and tasty and it wrapped tightly with the soft sweet avocado in rice. Great pairing!

Vegetable Spring Rolls, Tempura Shrimp, Takoyaki and Gyoza
I really like Takoyaki (an obsession that started with my trip to Japan): there's just something about those batter fried balls with minced octopus inside. Unfortunately, these ones were not very good. The batter was mushy and the ball kind of melted apart. 
The gyoza were good though - crispy fried skin outside and vegetables stuffed inside. The sauce had a hint of chili in it (but not spicy in general)

BBQ Eel sushi, Spicy Salmon sushi and Bean Curd Pocket
I love unagi (bbq freshwater eel) and I was hoping to just eat it by itself, but the sushi was the closest I could get (the other options were sushi roll and BBQ eel on fried rice). There was a huge portion of rice with the eel in the sushi. The spicy salmon was pretty good and the Bean Curd Pocket was really good - super tasty bean curd skin. 

Red Dragon Roll
Tempura shrimp, cucumber, fish roe and salmon on top
This was pretty good - the tempura shrimp was still warm and crispy from the fryer and the sushi was tightly wrapped so it didn't fall apart. 

Beef Udon in soup and Fried Seafood Udon
The fried seafood udon had too much pepper in it, but it was still okay (not quite as pretty as the picture in the interactive menu). 

Spicy Salmon roll, BBQ eel and Avocado Roll, Crispy Bean curd Avocado roll
In the first spicy salmon roll we ordered, half the pieces were just crispy tempura batter rolls which was a huge disappointment. In the second spicy salmon roll we ordered, we actually had salmon in all the sushi pieces - and they were all good. 

Mango ice cream and Tiramisu
One of my favourite parts of Sushi buffet is Dessert! I love mango ice cream. It's a treat since I don't usually see it so I always order it whenever I see it on the AYCE sushi menu. 
The tiramisu wasn't very good - but it was a lighter dessert than the ice cream.

Deep Fried Banana
This was SO GOOD! Nicely crispy and crunchy on the outside with a soft banana center. The raspberry sauce was pretty good too.

Overall: I think Spring Sushi's AYCE sushi buffet for $14.99 is a great deal! The quality of the food is good and it's delicious. The interactive menu experience is a ton of fun and it's pretty efficient - it helps both you and the kitchen staff keep track of what you're ordering (which solves the most popular complaint in the whole AYCE sushi process)

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