Friday, 21 September 2012

The Wedding Cake Shoppe

The Wedding Cake Shoppe is located in the west end of the city at College and Ossington. 
Lately, I've been on a bit of a cupcake craze (especially after my New York trip), and according to BlogTo, The Wedding Cake Shoppe has the best cupcakes - so of course I had to try it out!

After exploring the menu online, my coworkers and I were really intrigued by the Ferrero Rocher cupcakes which are available on Saturdays or by special order. Therefore, I called in advance to order 4 Ferrero Rocher cupcakes, a Raspberry cupcake and an Almond cupcake to be picked up the next day. 
Here they are!

Wow! The cake was super moist, spongy and surprisingly light and fluffy. The icing has an airy consistency and leaves a delicate after-taste as it melts in your mouth. The Ferrero Rocher had less of the Ferrero taste than I would have liked; the Almond cupcake stayed true to the original flavour (even if it was missing the almond on top) and the Raspberry was delicious (even if the icing was a little heavier than the other cupcakes). 

Overall: I really liked their cupcakes. My impression of the cupcakes was that they were super fluffy and delectable. The cake was delicious and the icing had the perfect balance of lightness and it wasn't too sweet.

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