Saturday, 22 September 2012

Woodenheads - Kingston

On our way to Ottawa, we planned a stop for lunch in Kingston. Of course, one of the most talked about restaurants in Kingston (and one that comes highly recommended from my friends) is Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza:

The Wood Fire Oven

The Bar

The "Simple" two paged menu. 
The second page is all gourmet pizzas (and the make-your-own option at the bottom).
We had some difficulty choosing since all the options looked good. Therefore, we asked the helpful waitress for her recommendations and she helped narrow down our choices:

Curried lobster veloute, portabello mushroom, balsamic grilled red onion, smoked salmon
 Instead of a traditional tomato sauce, the sauce is a home-made curried lobster sauce (apparently veloute is a one of the 5 "mother" sauces of French cuisine made with tomato, hollandaise, béchamel and espagnole). It was really lovely (although I kept hoping for chunks of lobster) with the portobello mushrooms and sweet grilled onion together - it worked well. I loved the finishing touch of the hearty smoked salmon pieces delicately layered on top, but the best part has got to be the combination of all the ingredients together baked on a crispy smoky thin crust. Yum!

Nonna Mela
Apple butter, roast garlic, cheddar, sweet onions, blackened chicken
When we first saw this pizza on the menu, we thought it was such a unique and almost bizarre combination, but it worked incredibly well! I wasn't too sure about going from a sweet base of apple butter, roast garlic and sweet onions to the saltier items of cheddar and blackened chicken, but after eating this pizza, I was convinced that it was a totally genius combination. I'm a HUGE fan of apple butter! It's sweet, creamy and delicious and it has a way of making everything taste 100x better. 

Overall: WOW! The pizzas here are original and delicious! I totally understand why this is the first place that everyone from Kingston recommends: the food is amazing, service is great and prices are reasonable. You've got to eat here!
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