Sunday, 18 November 2012

Congee Delight

Located at Unit 4 in Skymark plaza, Congee Delight is a popular Chinese restaurant next to the No Frills supermarket. 

Beef tendon and brisket in soup
The brisket was a deep red color and tough to chew, but the tendon was done well. For a bowl this size, I found that they didn't really have enough mein in the soup. It was pretty mediocre. 

Seafood & chicken fried rice in Fukien style
This fried rice dish was fantastic! It had the perfect amount of sauce with the fried rice and it was so tasty and delicious. I thought it was done really well.

Braised assorted vegetable with bean sauce in hot pot
The assorted vegetable hot pot had black fungus, white fungus, tofu pockets, enoki mushrooms, chinese mushrooms, bok choy and noodles all topped with a miso-based sauce. The miso based sauce had a grainy taste and texture and because I didn't really like the sauce - I didn't like the dish.

Overall: The service was decent, the food was okay, prices were reasonable - I think there are much better Chinese restaurants in Toronto than this one (like Honest Kitchen or Maple Yip in Scarborough or even Congee Wong at Leslie and Finch).

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