Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thai Kitchen - Thunder Bay

We decided to mix it up and try Thai food in Thunder Bay
The restaurant was a decent size and pretty busy during lunch. I was surprised that there was only one server in the restaurant, but he did a really good job because we were in and out in an hour for lunch (there were also 2 kitchen staff and 1 dishwasher). It's a relatively small operation but obviously quite popular. 

Taro Bubble Tea
Disaster! It tasted like water + taro bubble tea powder.

Yum Nua Yang
Grilled sirloin steak, thin sliced with shredded green mango, peanut, cilantro, lime and mint
It was pretty good - they had varying levels of spiciness (mild, medium, hot), but I think they just add more chili flakes on the dish to make it spicier.  

Kwit-deo nua
Rice noodle soup with sliced sirloin in a flavourful beef broth topped with fresh greens, crushed peanut and celery leaf. 
I ordered a half bowl and it was quite satisfying. I really liked the broth - it was done really well and I loved the fresh crisp flavours from the cilantro and celery leaf. 

Overall: For a light lunch, Thai Kitchen does a good job. I left pretty satisfied (with the exception of my taro bubble tea) - they were reasonably priced and service was decent (which says quite a bit considering there's only one server). 
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