Thursday, 31 January 2013

Beaux Daddy's CAnaJUN Grillhouse - Thunder Bay

After reading the foodie section on Thunder Bay chefs in the February 2013 issue of the Walleye, it opened up our eyes to the possibilities. 0.o

So that night, we drove down an empty stretch of Highway 61, to find a bright gigantic sign with the words:
Beaux Daddy's CAnaJUN Grillhouse

It was huge...and a little isolated from the rest of the city

Cajun spiced chicken oscar
The chicken was tender, juicy and perfectly grilled topped with a yummy hollandaise sauce mixed with crawtails. It looked pretty empty on the plate because I didn't order sides (which cost an additional $3 each or 3 for $5). I thought the asparagus might be okay as a side, but it was wilty, soggy and so overcooked that it barely had flavour. 

Sticky Date Praline Cake
I was a huge fan of the candied pralines: they're so good! The date cake was moist and delicious with the sticky part being the sticky toffee sauce and paired with the vanilla ice cream  - it was amazing all together.
I would definitely recommend this dessert at Beaux Daddy's

Bourbon Pecan Pie
After the sticky date praline cake, this pecan pie was a flop. There's usually a layer of filling in the pies, but this one was just pure chopped pecans all the way to the pie crust (which was soggy and not very good).

Overall: The menu is interesting with an Acadian and Southern spin on traditional items. However, the food was okay, but the service was awfully slow and not very attentive.

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  1. Hey Peachgirl. Come back to BeauxDaddys and experience an amazing transformation. We're no longer a la carte and our menu and service is on a completely different level. Chris Davidson. Owner, BeauxDaddys.