Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Prospector Steak House - Thunder Bay

We've passed by the Prospector Steak House a few times, and we finally decided to try it out.

The menu seems to be on the expensive side; when we got there, we were told that when you order an entrees (including the prime ribs and steaks), you also have unlimited access to the:
Salad Bar
soup table and all-you-can-eat Hot Buns.

Round 1:
Seafood Chowder and one of the famous Hot Buns with whipped garlic butter
Wow! They weren't kidding with the Hot Buns - they were AMAZING! Fluffy, buttery and delicious buns and when you slather on the whipped garlic butter with parsley - it's heavenly. I totally understand why they're so popular. It's like once you start, you can't stop because they're soo good...and the next thing you know, you're stuffed and you have to take your entree home with you.
The seafood chowder was okay; it was a thick soup with fake crab, mussels, potato, green beans and carrots.

Round 2: The healthy round
I hit the salad bar aka "Thunder Bay's Freshest Salad Bar"
The claim probably works because it's probably Thunder Bay's only salad bar in a restaurant (that I've seen so far). It wasn't very fresh...the ingredients at Pita Pit were probably fresher. I have to admit though: I really liked the Catalina dressing and the croutons (possibly made of the leftover hot buns toasted and buttered with garlic) were yummy. The pasta salad was okay and the egg & potato salad was okay too (not much to write home about).
The beef barley soup was super watery. I wouldn't recommend it - plus you probably should save room for your actual dinner (and maybe dessert?)

Small portion of prime rib (5 oz.)
Eating this was a feat after the salad bar, soup and hot buns (of which I definitely ate more than 1 and heavily loaded with garlic butter). The meat was cold and very pink.
The carrots were nice; the baked potato was really dry; the Yorkshire pudding was soft and gooey in the middle and nice.

New York Roast special with mushrooms
I thought 5 oz. was a lot, but the special was 10 oz. of medium rare roast. It wasn't very good, but the garlic mashed potatoes, carrots and mushrooms were all very tasty. 

Overall: The Hot Buns are really good! However, the rest of the food was mediocre. It's pretty good value for a meal considering you get access to unlimited salad, soup and buns - but I'd probably stay away from the beef options here (despite it being called a steakhouse).

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