Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sushi Legend

Replacing Ming Lou in the plaza next to Finch-Leslie Square is a new All You Can Eat Sushi restaurant: 
Sushi Legend
The menus are similar to Dim Sum menus where you can mark your orders...but the menu was the size of a placemat. Prices are as follows:

Started off with some Miso soup which was nice (no tofu in it though)

Left to Right: Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, BBQ Eel hand rolls
Herb White Tuna and Yuzu Salmon
Shrimp Tempura
I liked the herb white tuna and yuzu salmon sashimi. The sauce was a nice change from eating the sashimi with soy sauce, wasabi or ginger. The slices of fish were lightly crusted and seared a bit. Really nice.
The tempura was crispy and nicely battered.

Tamago (egg sashimi) and Salmon Sashimi
Tamago is a sweet egg omelette: a nice change from eating regular eggs with salt.
The salmon sashimi was fresh and delicious.

L-R: Soft Shell Crab Roll, Black Dragon Roll, Mango Tango Roll
All the rolls were relatively tiny (I guess so you could eat more?)
Soft Shell Crab Roll had very little deep fried soft shell crab in the roll, and I could taste more avocado, cucumber and rice than anything else.
The Black Dragon had tempura shrimp, cucumber & flying fish egg topped with BBQ Eel and I thought it was really nice - I'm a huge fan of BBQ Eel.
I liked the Mango Tango Roll too with shrimp tempura and ripe mango, topped with avocado and mango chili sauce. The mango chili sauce wasn't too spicy and it added a nice sweetness to the roll.

Top to Bottom: Sexy Summer Roll, Dynamite Roll, Green Dragon Roll
The Sexy Summer Roll was different with Spicy Crab Salad, mixed greens and mango wrapped in rice paper with mango chili sauce on top. I wasn't a big fan of the mixed greens or rice paper roll - so I didn't particularly enjoy it.

Scallop, Tuna and Salmon Sashimi
Scallop is a specialty item available for dinner AYCE Weekends and Holidays.

Eel Fried Rice
It was really nice. The fried rice was good even if the eel was added almost as an afterthought.

Beef Udon and Sizzling Flounder
The Flounder was really tender and had a nice sweetness to it.
I kept thinking of Flounder in the Little Mermaid as I was eating it (even though I know they look nothing alike). The fish was really good...I might consider ordering more flounder when I go out to eat.

Steamed Egg
Another limited availability item for dinner buffet. I didn't like this at all. I'm used to sweet desserts and I have a huge sweet tooth, but this was savoury with mushrooms cooked into the egg custard. Not my type of custard.

Top to bottom: Mango sago, green tea ice cream, red bean ice cream, mango pudding, vanilla ice cream, mango ice cream, tiramisu, mango pudding and herbal essence jelly
I thought the mango sago was nice; you don't always see it on AYCE sushi dessert menus.
The tiramisu was a bit of a tasted like a little bit of mascarpone cheese with cocoa powder on top.

Overall: Food was pretty good even if portions are on the tiny side (but it doesn't really matter since it's all you can eat sushi). The new restaurant is nice, the booths are quite cozy and afford diners some privacy. Service was good; they forgot a few items, but when we asked they immediately followed up.

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  1. Bad experience!
    I went there last night. Not just the dishes were tiny, they missed lots of orders. No matter how many pieces you write on the order list, they came out totally different. For example, we have 4 ppl, we wrote 8 pcs for salmon sushimi, after waiting for 40 minutes, it came only 4 pcs. We chose to go on Sat because of the Scarlop. It finally arrived on our table 80 mins after we placed order (we did ask them twice if they missed our order)
    The most disappointed is: they only served you the hot food... the sushimi and rolls came very late.
    This was my 2nd time to this restaurant. Last time was in Mar 2013. Exactly as you mentioned above. I gave it a chance thinking last time may be just accident. Really bad, this time is much worse!
    One thing I like is: location, very convenient!