Friday, 15 March 2013


Campagnolo was named one of the best new restaurants in Canada in 2011 and it's been receiving accolades ever since.


Fresh Burrata Cheese with Roasted Grapes and Toasted Bread
The cheese was really good and it was nicely complemented by the warm roasted grapes and the crispy garlic toast.

Smoked ocean trout rilletes with fennel and dill crostini
I loved the presentation of the rillete in the mason jar. The smoked ocean trout spread was tasty and delicious and it paired perfectly with the crispy fried crostini.

Berkshire pork chop with crispy gnocchi, braised kale, smoked gorgonzola butter and late harvest apple vinegar
The pork chop was a little tougher than I expected. The portion was pretty substantial too. I really liked the fried gnocchi especially in the gorgonzola butter - it was heavenly. I only wish they put more gorgonzola butter all over the gnocchi and made it into a sauce. I felt like most of the sauce in the dish was au jus. The crisp granny smith apples added a nice flavour and texture to the dish.

Salted Caramel Budino $2
Delish! The pudding was rich, smooth and velvety and it had a little crunch on top. The salted caramel was perfect. Yum!

Pear baked Cake
Poached pear was nice, but I found the cake was pretty heavy and a little bland compared to the pear inside.

Deconstructed Tiramisu
I love tiramisu and couldn't resist ordering this dessert. I liked the cookie base, but I found the flavour of the mascarpone cheese a little odd. I wasn't really a fan of the blocks all around the plate and I didn't think it worked well together.

Overall: I liked the ambiance and the design of the restaurant. The service was nice and friendly and I had a good meal at Campagnolo.

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