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madeFRESH - Thunder Bay

March 19, 2013
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I love the colours and the logo of madeFRESH: it's so vibrant! It makes me think of summer with healthy, low calorie and good for you options like salads, sandwiches and soups...which is what they serve (for the most part)
I thought this was cute...fork, knife and spoon!

I still wanted to order what seemed like the highest calorie meal: the Breakfast Poutine; however, it is only available Wednesday to Sundays, so I made a note to come back here tomorrow. In the meantime...
Grilled cheese and Pulled Prime Rib Sandwich
and side salad of madeFRESH spectacular green salad with tossed baby greens, crispy apples, dried cranberries, honey goat cheese, sweet onion, fresh tomato and red peppers with orange cider vinaigrette
The Grilled cheese and pulled prime rib sandwich was AMAZING. The cheese was sharp, really oozy and delicious and when it was paired with the tender, melt-in-your-mouth, slow cooked prime rib and pressed with a panini maker - it really was a perfect combination. I thought it couldn't get any better, but the side salad was spectacular (like its name) - I never realized how good dried cranberries, goat cheese and mixed greens worked together. The dressing was strong and tangy and everything was really fresh. I was totally impressed. 

Peanut butter square with multi coloured marshmellows
I saw these in the display and couldn't resist. The peanut butter square was light and not as dense, heavy or rich as I might have expected from a peanut butter square. The marshmallows made it airy. It was really yummy.

March 20, 2013
We were secretly anticipating this moment since lunch the previous day:
IMAG2342 IMAG2343
I like that they locally source a lot of their ingredients: it' really helps keep the businesses going in Thunder Bay. 

Breakfast poutine
SOOO GOOD! I haven't had a skillet in a while, but this was fantastic! The hollandaise sauce was delicious and spread pretty liberally over top the scrambled eggs, potatoes (sadly not fries), onion, bacon, tomatoes and Thunder Oak cheese curds. It was so indulgent and satisfying...

I couldn't resist grabbing a chocolate brownie to go after lunch 
Everything they've made that I've tried has been delicious and I wasn't disappointed with the brownie. It was rich and deliciously chocolatey. YUM!

Overall: madeFRESH is one of my "you've got to eat here in Thunder Bay" places. The food is delicious and fresh - I liked everything I tried.

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