Friday, 22 March 2013


I've heard great things about Ursa and couldn't wait to try it out. So after months of planning (and multiple attempts at scheduling), I finally made the trip there. 

I was excited to see Elk Tartare on the menu since I've never had elk before and I really wanted to try it. 

Raw - Kona Kampachi, Hazelnut, Apple, Daikon and Burdock
The kampachi was buttery, melt on your mouth deliciousness! Complementing the raw kampachi with the textures and tastes of the daikon, apple and hazelnut was brilliant.

Elk Tartare - Charqui, Bitter Orange, Sumac, Pine Bark, Elk Velvet
I had pretty high hopes for this and I was not disappointed. It was amazing! I loved the combination of the elk tartare on the crispy thin crackers and fresh greens.

Georgian Bay Whitefish with toasted barley, kohlrabi, whey, pickled turnip and cedar
I thought the presentation of the dish was adorable with the turnip tower. The meat of the whitefish was nice, sweet and perfectly cooked.

Duck with smoked oat polenta, collard greens, pearl onion, coffeeberry and sea buckthorn
The meat was perfectly cooked to highlight the duck's gamey taste. It was done really well.

Bolitto Misto with wild boar, rabbit, hen, berkshire pork, root vegetables, lentils, quince, kale gremolata
My first thoughts when I was presented the dish was "omg I signed up for an ugly meatloaf" until the waiter told us how we were supposed to eat it: you're supposed to mix it all together and eat it as a stew-like dish.
I loved it! I found it playful with an added element of do-it-yourself fun and after mixing it, I savoured my first bite because it was SO DARN DELICIOUS! It was perfect - the crispy kale, tender mix of meats, sauce. It was like the dish couldn't go wrong.

Overall: I loved Ursa! The food was fantastic (everything we ordered was great) and the service was attentive. It can get a little crowded in the tiny restaurant, but it's well worth the reservation.

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