Monday, 8 July 2013

Charcut Roast House - Calgary

8 Avenue South West - A nice pedestrian friendly street in the middle of Downtown Calgary 
My coworker gave me a few recommendations before I left on my trip to the Calgary Stampede and one of them was Charcut Roast House (it also helps that this restaurant is considered one of the top restaurants in Canada according to
Awesome artwork on the windows: Come Hell or High Water!
Exterior of restaurant
We decided to drop by and grab a quick lunch before hitting the road back to Edmonton.
They have a reasonably priced 3 course 45 minute in-and-out lunch.
 Pig's head mortadella
House cured pig's head mortadella with pistachios and walnuts topped with watermelon radish and mustard
The complimentary starter was a nice way to begin the meal; the mortadella was thick cut and meaty and the watermelon radish and mustard with actual mustard seeds was a great texture and flavour combination.

Pulled Pork sandwich express lunch
$15 quick lunch with daily soup and daily sandwich with bag of warm cookies
The soup of the day was a potato soup which had great flavour and a nice creamy heaviness to it. It was paired with a pulled pork sandwich with really tender and tasty pulled pork and a mix of melted cheese on top. The other side was the parmesan fries, which were saltier from the cheese, but really nicely balanced out with the sweet tomato paste for dipping.

Beef Brisket express lunch
$25 Lunch with daily smoked meat, salad, parmesan fries, cookies and coffee to go
The daily smoked meat was the beef brisket which was super flavourful and delicious by itself. However, it was even better with the mustard seed mustard which really brought out more flavours in the meat. The spinach salad was simple and nice, while the fries were pretty abundant.

Bag of warm cookies
Bag of warm cookies
The cookies were oozy with chocolate; you could tell they were baked in the morning.


Overall: The meats were delicious and filling at Charcut Roast House. The food was great and the service was attentive and fast (we were done within an hour).

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