Friday, 19 July 2013


Sometimes, I have the worse luck. After days of heat alerts, my Edulis reservation (which was made a month ago) fell on the day that called for thunderstorms. What I didn't expect was a thunderstorm and sandstorm; I saw people trying to use their umbrellas to block the wind but I watched their umbrellas turn inside out. Oh well, rain or shine, I was going to make it to my reservation. 
We opted for the $50 smaller carte blanche tasting menu with 4 courses
Warm bread and butter and amuse-bouche

Big eyed Nova Scotia tuna with ginger mayo and sea parsley topped with crispy rice
Wow! What a way to start off the night. The fish was impeccable: sweet and perfectly complemented with the airy mayo, textured rice and a hint of saltiness from the sea parsley. And presented on a pretty psychedelic plate. Yum!
Sockeye salmon on white asparagus topped with mashed peas and grilled on Japanese charcoal
Another amazing fish dish - the salmon was perfect. I loved the texture of it! Seared on the outside, but like sashimi on the inside - it was sweet and delicious and topped with mashed peas. Who would have thought that Edulis would make me like peas? The white asparagus was lovely too.
Pork belly split pea salad with chanterelle mushrooms on top of apple puree and croutons
The portion above was for two people with crisp split peas, crunchy croutons, mushy apple puree and slightly tougher pork belly. Personally, I like soft tender pork belly (like the Chinese version or Keriwa's version). However, for this dish, I thought it worked okay being a little tougher since a softer pork belly would have been overwhelmed by the apple puree. It was nice, but not as amazing as the fish dishes.

Braised pork shoulder, snow peas and house-made chorizo sausage with stale noodles and greens
The pork shoulder was rather fatty and chewy which made it a little harder to eat. The snow peas were fresh and firm, but I was overwhelmed by the salty braising liquid, chorizo and stale noodles.
Braised rabbit, snow peas and chorizo with stale noodles
The more adventurous dish with rabbit instead of pork shoulder. The rabbit had a hint of the gamy taste, but I think it was a better pairing with the salty chorizo, braising liquid and stale noodles. Although, I really didn't like the stale noodles.

Panna cotta with toasted meringue and berries
Yay! Dessert with berries and cute little dollops of meringue. The textures of the dessert were fun. The panna cotta was a jello-like layer at the bottom and it was topped with crunchy toasted meringue and fresh blackberries and raspberries and nuts.

Overall: Edulis does fantastic dishes! Seriously well thought-out and amazing combination of flavours and ingredients; in particular, the fish dishes were spectacular. It was a fun and playful food experience eating at Edulis.

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