Sunday, 14 July 2013


I wasn't really excited about this year's Summerlicious in Toronto. 
The popular restaurants had mediocre menus, but they had a few new and interesting restaurants.
I liked the menu at Frida:

$25 Lunch
(*Items I would recommend and/or order again)

*Mini Tacos de Carnitas (3 pieces)
Slowly and gently braised pork “carnitas style”, topped with fresh guacamole and pico de gallo salsa
The mini tacos were adorable! Small hard taco shells filled with tender and juicy braised pork, cool pico de gallo and sweet guacamole. 

Mushroom and Oaxaca Cheese Empanandas
Sauteed field mushrooms with melted Oaxaca cheese and a side of guacamole and nacho chips
The half-moon empanandas were crispy on the outside and filled with the flavour of the mushroom and cheese. The guacamole was fresh, flavourful and delicious!

*Sopa de Tortilla Azteca (Tortilla Soup)
Tomato, avocado, anejo cheese, onions, pasilla pepper and tortilla strips
The tortilla soup was so good! I liked the crunchy texture of the tortilla strips with the tangy and slightly spicy soup. One of the best Mexican soups I've had with soft cubes of avocado, sweet tomatoes & onions, sharp anejo cheese and the spice from the peppers to add heat. 

*Baja Style Fish Tacos
Tequila battered cod, served in warm corn tortillas with classic coleslaw and daily salsa
The fish tacos were lovely with a crispy fried outer layer surrounding flaky cod. The salsa and coleslaw were refreshing on top of the fish. 

Tacos de Carne
Three grilled AAA NY striploin tacos with coriander, chopped onions and lime with Oaxaca Cheese
There were 3 tacos stuck together and the NY striploin was spread out on top with coriander, chopped onions, cheese and lime. 

Torta de Pollo Pibil
Slowly cooked chicken in achiote and citrus with red encurtida onions on French bread and side of guacamole and nacho chips
The sandwich was spread with a layer of shredded chicken and achiote paste, but it was mostly the bread that made it so filling. 

*Churros de la Casa
Chef Hadad’s award winning churros filled with goat's milk caramel, blueberry coulis and berries, topped with lemon zest 
The churros were amazing! Crispy on the outside with warm oozy caramel on the inside. It was finished with some brown sugar and sauce on top. Delicious!

Bunuelos con Agua de Rosas
Crispy strings drizzled in rose water honey and served with berry coulis and berries
Thin-cut pieces of fried dough topped with sugar and a side of the coulis. It paled in comparison to the churros. 

Overall: Frida's offers a comfortable ambiance and a nice traditional Mexican meal. The Summerlicious soup and taco appetizers and churros dessert were the highlights of the meal. 

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