Saturday, 31 August 2013

Jim Chai Kee Noodle

After all that Chinese food in Hong Kong, I thought it might be a while before I started craving Chinese food again. Instead, I found myself at Jim Chai Kee Noodle looking forward to comparing their wonton mein against Mak's Noodles wonton mein in Hong Kong. 

IMAG3441 IMAG3444 
Here comes the moment of truth:
Wonton Mein
Really delicious! The thin-skinned wontons were gigantic and filled with a tasty shrimp mixture. 
Way more filling than Mak's Noodles and cheaper too!
The noodles and the broth were good, but I think Mak's had a heartier and tastier broth. 

Wonton Noodle Soup
Wonton with ho fun
I love rice noodles because they're (a) great at absorbing flavour and (b) the slippery texture is perfect with soup or in a stir fry. The soup base was a lot easier to taste with ho fun than with the mein and it had a nice chicken broth taste. 

3 Toppings Lo Mein
This dish shows a clearer picture of what the wontons, beef and fish balls look like. I personally like the noodle soup version better than the lo mein because I like sauce and soup with my noodles. However, this lo mein was still really good. 

Overall: Quick service and food at Jim Chai Kee Noodle and the wontons were really good! 
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