Monday, 2 September 2013

Chi Star House

Location: 9021 Leslie Street #5, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, Canada
Chi Star House opened in May 2013 and it's already pretty popular.
A lot of people come in for the Hong Kong Style Cafe food:

Baked Chicken spaghetti with cheese and corn
The ketchup sauce can't compare to Macau Portuguese Food's ketchup sauce or Hong Kong's ketchup sauce. This ketchup sauce was a little too sweet and ketchup-y. However, the chicken was pretty tender and quite tasty.

Pork Cutlet with Fries
We didn't expect the pork cutlet to be this's like the size of a schnitzel. It was coated in panko crumbs and fried - the inside was a little dry, but the tartar sauce helped balance it out.

3 kinds of Seafood Stir fry with Vegetables
Squid, fish and shrimp were three seafood meats used in this stir fry and there was chicken as well.
This dish was as good as the one at Maple Yip! (which is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Toronto). The fish was cooked perfectly and had that great tender and flaky texture, the squid wasn't too chewy or tough and the sauce was great.

Chi Star Specialty Tea Set B $7.99
It comes with potato salad, fish filet cutlet and tartar sauce, chicken burger, fries, a drink and a dessert.
A pretty good deal for less than $10 (including tax). The chicken burger was tiny, but I think it was a good portion considering how much other food came with the set. The fish filet was coated with panko crumbs and fried, but it wasn't very oily and the tartar sauce was salty, tangy and normal! (A bit of a relief after eating sweet tartar sauce in Malaysia). The potato salad was a little heavy on the mayonnaise.

Chef's dessert was a mango pudding with condensed milk and my lemon tea
Cute and sweet dessert.

Overall: Great food at Chi Star House and for really reasonable prices! The only downside was the service: there were 3 or 4 waitresses, but it seemed like only 2 were actually working. Therefore, the service was very slow. 
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