Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Works

Toronto finally has The Works! I loved the one in London, so I was excited to try out the one near St. Lawrence Market:

Still quirky and awesome with the lightbulb salt and pepper shakers and the measuring glass cup.

The Toronto Menu

Neil Young beef Burger with Varsity Poutine
Neil Young Burger with a side of Varsity Poutine
Neil Young came with grilled eggplant, fresh avocado, salsa loco and feta cheese
It looks really good, however as we kept eating the burger - it just tasted really salty and kind of lost its flavour. It probably needed more cheese and more sauce. Definitely not as awesome as the one I had in London. The poutine was super salty with Montreal Smoked Meat, salty gravy and salty fries - probably not the best combination.

KBC Elk Burger with Lumpy Potatoes
KBC Elk Burger with Lumpy Potatoes and Gravy
KBC had tomato, avocado, beechhouse sauce and havarti cheese
The beechhouse sauce was really good with a nice garlicky flavour, but there wasn't enough of it on the elk burger. The elk burger was pretty good, but I wasn't wowed by it either.
The lumpy potatoes were rather pureed-like and I didn't like that they had the red potato skin still in the mix. The gravy that they served with the potatoes was different from the poutine gravy (and I probably would have preferred a saltier gravy to complement the bland potatoes).

Overall: A very pricey burger meal (considering I paid about $20 for the elk burger and side); the selection is great and all, but the burgers weren't that amazing to justify the price tag.

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