Sunday, 15 December 2013

Aroma Espresso Bar @ Shops at Don Mills

I remember the first time I ever tried Aroma Espresso Bar's quinoa salad from the Standard Life Building in the PATH. It was my first experience with quinoa and I was immediately a fan of quinoa (and the restaurant chain).  Aroma has expanded all across Toronto with one of the latest locations at the Shops at Don Mills:
Aroma @ Shops at Don Mills

Power Breakfast
Aroma Power Breakfast
Scrambled eggs, mixed cucumber, carrot and tomato salad with balsamic and whole grain toast with olives, feta cheese and avocado spread.
Wow - that is a lot of food. It was the combination of the salty feta cheese, mushy and sweet avocado spread, tangy olives and choppy scrambled eggs that I never would have worked together, but did quite well. I was so pleasantly surprised and the side cucumber and tomato salad was piled so high and the balsamic vinaigrette was so tasty. What a great healthy way to start the morning!

A Tunisian breakfast with two sunny side up eggs on top of a tomato and pepper sauce and served with Tahini and whole grain bread.
You definitely don't see or hear a lot about Tunisian food in Toronto - so I was pretty excited to try this.
It was two eggs on top of a warm thick and spiced tomato broth. I wasn't sure what the proper way to eat this was - so I grabbed the toast slathered on the Tahini then scooped some egg and tomato sauce on top and tried to stuff my face. Pretty good - but it can get pretty heavy if you slather too much Tahini.

Chicken Phillysteak Sandwich
Philly Chicken half sandwich
Chicken with aroma sauce with sauteed onions, red peppers and melted swiss cheese on toasted whole grain bread
For some reason Aroma is really big on half sandwiches, and sometimes I can't complain since I get to throw two different halves to make a whole (and I get to try two different ones). I especially love the Double Up combo (mmm quinoa salad). Anyways, I love that they grill the sandwich so that the cheese melts and oozes. The sandwiches here are just really good, but I probably prefer the grilled chicken breast sandwich over the Philly Chicken - I like the whole chicken breast meat rather than the slices of chicken in the Philly.

Steak Sandwich
Steak half sandwich
Steak strips with sauteed red peppers, red onions, aroma sauce and Swiss cheese on grilled whole grain bread

Hot Chocolate     S'mores Hot Chocolate
S'mores hot chocolate!
Mmm I couldn't resist! Marshmallows and cookie crumbles on top of frothed milk with thick chocolate at the bottom (that you have to stir to make your hot chocolate)? Awesome!

Overall: The food is healthy and delicious and it's made with such great quality ingredients. I feel like you can't go wrong with any menu items you choose here whether it's breakfast or lunch (which is probably why the chain has been so successful expanding across Toronto). Yum!

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