Sunday, 2 February 2014

Panera Bread @ Shops at Don Mills

Panera Bread is a big bakery chain in the U.S. and recently started expanding into Canada in the last 4 years.
Side Greek Salad
Greek Side Salad
Fresh ingredients always make the difference in a salad, but the Greek dressing was a little sour. 

Cream of Broccoli soup in a Sourdough bread bowl
Cream of Broccoli in a sourdough bread bowl
I loved the concept of the sourdough bowl! It's so much better when the bread fully soaks in the savoury soup. The soggy bread is so much easier (and more enjoyable to eat). The broccoli soup was thick and chunky with all the ingredients. I wish the soup had some cheddar cheese to make the taste sharper. 

Turkey Chili in a sourdough bread bowl

Turkey Chili in a Sourdough Bowl
Turkey chili just isn't the same as the hearty beef chili; it's missing that meaty full-bodied flavour. 
There were more than enough beans, but I think it was a little watered down and I was missing my beef. 

Half a Sierra Turkey Sandwich
Turkey Panini
The Sierra Turkey sandwich has mixed greens, chipotle mayo on focaccia
Rather blah sandwich - the focaccia wasn't anything special and the turkey and greens were simple. It was missing that punch of flavour from the mayo or the sauce. 

Chips and Baguette
Potato chips and a baguette piece (part of the You Pick Two combo)
Smallest baguette I've ever seen...

Overall: It was a pretty mediocre meal, but I'm glad I found a place that serves soup in a sourdough bowl (even if it was pretty pricey here). 

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