Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Casablanca - Ottawa

The last time I was in Byward Market, I came at night for Nuit Blanche in Ottawa, so I didn't really get a good feel for the landmark. This time I was inside looking for a meal for lunch and it really is quite nice inside:
Byward Market
I walked by Casablanca and the food looked really appetizing. 
Casablanca  Casablanca
The inside was furnished with some nice Moroccan accents including plush cushions and nice gold accents.
Chicken Pastillo and stuffed eggplant
Chicken Pastillo platter with a side of stuffed eggplant and rice
It looked so lovely and delicious! The eggplant was the vegetarian option for the day, but they let me substitute it for the normal veggies. The eggplant was  nicely spiced and delicious if a little on the greasy and oily side. The rice was also lightly fragrant and worked well with all the juices from the eggplant side.
Chicken Pastillo 
The pastillo was really delicious! It was a great combination of sweet and savoury with the powdered sugar on top of a crunchy baked crust. The pastry was filled inside with chicken, almond slivers and a great blend of spices to make it hearty and tasty. The lemon added a nice zest to the pastillo. 

Overall: Great meal! If a little on the pricier side (which might be due to the novelty of the Byward Market).

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